Curl Crush: SZA

Alessio Boni/Vogue

Alessio Boni/Vogue

This Wednesday we are Curl Crushin’ on SZA. SZA is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who earned notice through her EPs, before dropping her critically acclaimed debut album, 'Ctrl,' in 2017. Aside from her airy, yet bold voice, and awesome freckles, her beautiful curls have a spotlight of their own. You may have seen SZA rocking her curls in voluminous pigtails, puffy ponytails, waves, completely blown out, and more!

In a 2016 interview with Vogue Magazine, SZA told

The self-dubbed Pepper Ann, you may remember when she wowed us with the bold ginger curls back in 2015.

She’s never been shy of coloring her curls or even sharing her hair experiments with us on the ‘Gram. Pinks, green, blonde are a few colors she’s tried so far. She’s never afraid of trying different lengths, textures either!

SZA even has the wig game on lock, she definitely pulled this neon green look all the way off, which is hard to do!